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Spring Barley Yield World Record (S.B.Y.W.R)

Under growing season 2017 we will make a new world record of spring barley yield. Place is Aittomäki farm in Seinäjoki, Finland and variety is Syngenta’s new Laureate spring barley. The yield will be produced according to the regulations in force on a 25-hectare’s field, which under last years has given under Finnish conditions high yields. Laureate variety was in test growing on the farm already in year 2016, when it produced a good yield: from a 3,5-hectare’s field was harvested 42 t dried cereal.

The prevailing record was done in 2014 with Propino spring barley, which produced 10,45 t/ha. The record was made by grower Tim Lamyman, Worlaby Farms, Louth, Linconshire, Great Britain. The record yield of winter barley is 13,8 t/ha, which was achieved from variety Winter Barley 776. It was produced by Warren and Joy Darling, Poplar Grove Farm, Timaru, New Zeeland.

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The project:

Place: Aittomäki farm, Seinäjoki, Finland. Total growing area 270 ha, cereals, poultry and pork production

Field: 25 ha, Soil type: very fine sand with high humus content, pH 6,5-7,0








Laureate Spring Barley is used for the world record attempt

Lauri Hantula


Lauri Hantula, Seinäjoki

Agrologist, 50 years, wife, 2 children
Lauri is farmer since 1986, when he started with poultry production. The first field parcel was acquired to him in 1988, sugar beet being his first crop. After that simultaneously with studies he was involved with the work at home farm and gradually increasing his own field area. Crops at that time were spring barley, oats, spring oil seed rape and sugar beets. He graduated as agronomist in 1991. Generation takeover on the Aittomäki farm was made during years 2000-2001 and Lauri became full owner of the farm. After that he has worked with a long perspective in order to increase yield levels as well as to optimize fertilization and crop protection. He has developed his production in the field as well as in poultry and pork production.

Consultant in the project:

Arto Markkula, Syngenta Nordics A/S