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Fields of Innovation - 24. 25. & 26. sept. 2019

Fields of Innovation

Our experts are at your disposal on our platform. There are lots to see this year and we can offer specific programs for groups, catering to your needs, including a tour of our  Enkhuizen site. 
On site, you can see:

BRASSICA | Syngenta breeding program for brassica crops is focused on delivering a broad package of resistances, an improved product quality and a strong reliability in different growing conditions, to secure consistent harvest and high profit for the grower. We are pleased to share with you this year new cabbage varieties for long storage, new cauliflower concepts and reliable varieties for the fresh market, as well as some novelties in brussel sprouts production with good field standing ability.

LEAFIES | To cover all Iceberg production season with full mildew resistance and good agronomic performance, Syngenta is now offering a complete assortment featuring reliable varieties in terms of mildew resistances. We are also promoting new spinach varieties with good agronomic performance and one of the highest Peronospora resistance level to secure baby leaf and processing spinach productions in all over Europe. And finally, we will present our baby leaf varieties which are adding value from a consumer perspective (longer shelf life and leaf crunchiness).

SQUASH | You will be pleased to discover our portfolio strength. We are indeed the incontestable leading company on green squash thanks to the strong yield potential of our varieties, a high level of intermediate resistances to virus, and the good fruit quality which fit market requirement.

ONIONS | The Diamant Selection from Syngenta represented by firm onions with good skin quality supporting the business of the onion growers and traders who are expanding their areas on a yearly basis. The solution for optimum storage and shelflife!

Bakker Brothers Property Wervershoof De Ruil 1, Holland

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