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Welcome to the Syngenta Takecare Program.

Seed treatment is an effective, and increasingly used, way of protecting your crop. For responsible use of Seedcare(TM) products, you need to be aware of how to properly carry out the seed coating operations and the handling of the treated seed. This  training program will show you good practises to follow, to the personal benefit of  you, as a seed treatment operator, and to the environment. It is important to all of us to ensure that everybody who either is treating seed or uses treated seeds operates in a responsible and effective manner.

To provide you with the right training, corresponding to your personal situation, you will on the next page find some questions to answer. This will help us to select the right training videos for you.  The videos will be followed by a short test, to help you review the key messages in the training.

If you provide your email address and name to the left, you will be able to receive a certificate confirming that you have successfully completed the training.

Thank you for taking part, and happy treatment season!

The Syngenta Seedcare™ Team